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Audiocircles is a sound reactive application that visualizes a sound input mapped to circles. Input signals are constantly stored and the history of the sound forms shapes, patterns and movement. The minimalistic design helps to put the focus on the direct relation of the visual output and the invisible audio signal. It runs in real time and can be used on a variety of platforms (Mac, Linux).

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xodaizzy asked: Hi I'm the one who asked about being Muslim. I'm not trying to win An award for Muslim or anything I'm just looking for something to help me along my journey. I knw a little about the religion but it's a little strict. Plus women won't receive anything in paradise, they are treated as property, and it encourages male dominance. Either way I think it's a beautiful religion and I would like to know more!


Well first, all of those things that you think you know about Islam are untrue.
I am glad you have chosen to learn and not sit in the dark about Islam, I hope that you see the beauty of trying to access that knowledge.
At this point what we know is that more people convert to Islam every year than any other religion, most of them are women. (Alhamdulillah! ‘All praise due to Allah) What we also know is that Islam is the most villainized  religion in the world.
Theoretically we should see Islam dwindling in its numbers, but instead we see a steady growth in people who call themselves Muslims (actively practicing or nah). The reason for this is simply that the truth about Islam is so far removed from its western media representation that people see the lie promoted and the truth that stands with the Qur’an that people (generally) want what is true, what is real.. And Islam hides nothing.

Islam is strict, 
If you are practicing and following the sunnah (the ways) of our beloved Prophet (peace be upon him) then yes there is a lot to remember.
But what people generally don’t know s that it is not excessive.
In Islam there is NO excess, you are not expected to do anything beyond what you are capable of.
Our religion is ALL about intention, if your intention is to go out and cut your neighbors grass, and the intention is real, and it starts raining so you can’t you still receive the Barakah(blessings) and reward for ONLY your intention (subhanAllah,).

But lets talk about women because that was your main concern,
In Islam we are told that the Heaven is at our mothers feet.
That means, that the way you treat your mother, affects your life after this in such a great way that Allah has placed it beneath her feet, essentially placing her above it. Not your father, or your husband , or the sheikh (the Islamic version of a bishop but not really) your mother, even as muslims we don’t understand the extent to which this is important. And even as I’m typing this I am realizing how much more I should be doing for my mother (subhanAllah)..

In Heaven women will receive gifts that extend beyond our wildest imaginations. The Qur’an tries to use our earthly desires to tell us what heaven will be like, for women he says you will have the most beautiful clothes and the most beautiful homes. You will have water and wine (that does not get you drunk) you will have fruit that literally blows your mind thats how good it will be, even man servants.. See Allah sends his Qur’an at a time these things were unfathomable to women, a place where they can lounge and still eat? Especially Muslims who were often poor and ostracized fine clothes and servants??? But the Prophet(saws) says that we will never know what heaven will be like until we get there.
That we can’t even imagine how amazing it is because it is other worldly and we are confined to the mental capacity of this world..

Women are not treated as property.
As a woman you have rights over your husband and over your father.
You mustn’t mistake the elevated status of women in Islam for their downfall. Allah forsees he is the seer of past present and future.
Allah knows all about patriarchy and the way that men tend to dominate and manipulate women on mass. For example Rick Ross had a song come out last year where alludes to date rape, the song was on the lips of all these little boys glorifying him. There was nobody telling these little boys that Rick Ross is wrong that what they are singing is wrong, these influences can possibly influence action.  In a world like this, where boys are taught to hate femininity and take what they please, when these little boys grow into men who believe the same thing who protects the girl children who grow into women.

Of course other women are capable of protecting them, and men who learn to reject this misogynistic ideology, but Allah protects them as well. He says just because this world enveloped in patriarchy tells you to show your body and sleep with men to make you happy, telling you that doing this for someone else will make them want you, doesn’t mean you have to do it. Instead cover your beauty. Just because someone says you are only worth what your body can offer show them your worth by covering your body and accentuating your brilliance.

Islam is a religion that requires you to seek ilm (knowledge), man or woman. It is a religion that doesn’t require women to take their husbands lats name in marriage, it is a religion that doesn’t require you to pay your husbands family a dowry(which was custom in those times) its a religion where your husband has to give you a mahr ( a gift of money or valuables) before  you get married (which is especially good for women who plan to stay home).

It is a religion that tells you to love your mother 3x more than your father. It is a religion that tells you to protect your daughters and your mothers and your wives at all costs. It is a religion that doesn’t allow men to cat call or harass women, to cast their eyes down even when walking by them on the street.

It is a religion that asks women to pray behind men so that when we bend and our behinds are in the air we aren’t being lusted after while we are trying to be pure in prayer.

God thank you for asking me this, it has been such a beautiful affirmation for myself of how beautiful my religion is and how amazing my God is.



Ps, If you ever have any other questions please ask.


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